Proactive Network Monitoring

CCS Monitoring provides 24×7 remote network monitoring to keep on top of health of your network.  We capture key metrics (e.g., disk space availability, CPU utilization, server room temperature, and bandwidth utilization) to ensure your network is running at peak performance.  Importantly, CCS Monitoring includes automated server patching to protect your servers from recently discovered security vulnerabilities.

Tailored to meet your needs, our service helps to free up your internal IT team to focus on business-specific initiatives instead of daily, time-consuming system maintenance. CCS Monitoring:

  • Provides an automated patching service to protect against Windows server vulnerabilities.
  • Captures key metrics and up-to-date records for compliance reporting.
  • Assures availability of your critical line of business applications.
  • Provides a platform to enable capacity planning with an option of automating corrective measures.
  • Can be bundled with SE Critical Care, our IT service response solution, for immediate network repairs and remediation when needed.
  • Remediate potential issues before they result in costly network downtime for your business.
  • Controls IT costs with a fixed price agreement.

Those organizations who have different response requirements, we offer extended business hours from 5am to 10pm Monday through Friday or network monitoring 24x7x365.