Secure data backup and recovery is an essential IT function that is often ignored. Many organizations struggle with file backup and often will not discover how effective their current backup process is until they need it.  The loss of critical data can happen due to simple human error, a system failure or malware / ransomware.  Unsecured backup tapes or USB devices pose additional risk if lost or stolen, resulting in a reportable data breach.  Simply put, having a highly reliable and secure backup solution is a must for all organizations who want to protect and recover critical data.

At CCS, we have a variety of data protection solutions and services to address the full spectrum of file and system recovery objectives.

  • Automated offsite storage of your files.
  • Backup data is encrypted at all times.
  • Continuous file integrity health check and automatic repair.
  • Ongoing review of backup jobs.
  • Proactive resolution of backup issues.