Email Security, Spam Filtering and Email Continuity

Email SPAM is more than just a waste of your time; it is a real threat to both your productivity and data security.  Cybercriminals today are using email to deliver targeted phishing or spear-phishing emails to collect login credentials to deploy their malware on unsuspecting users.

Having a powerful SPAM filter is essential to every organization.  CCS provides an arsenal of technologies with multiple layers of analysis to determine if email is unwanted or a security risk.  In addition, our service provides email continuity should your primary email server become unavailable.

The power of a cloud delivered SPAM filter provides additional benefits you cannot get with an on premise appliance. With CCS, your incoming email is captured in the cloud before continuing on to your mail server. The cloud holds email and provides access to it should your email server go down. Additionally, it is far less likely that your email flow can become disrupted due to a denial of service attack.

CCS provides the ease of access your users want, the level of security you require, and the peace of mind knowing you always have access to your email;

  • Graymail filtering keeps your inboxes free and clear of unwanted messages
  • Robust infrastructure you can rely on with SSAE 16 attested data centers
  • Multiple layers of analysis to determine the probability that an email is SPAM
  • Emergency Inbox for email continuity