Skilled Network Administrators Without Full Time Employee Costs

Maintaining your network infrastructure and addressing operational IT needs requires access to a skilled network engineer who is familiar with your environment and your business.  SE Network Admin service provides both a primary and a secondary network administrator to fill this critical role.  Backed by our experienced team of engineers, you will never find yourself without knowledgeable support, all for a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.

A key benefit of our network administration service is our proprietary Network Admin Checklist that has been built and continually improved over the last 20+ years. This list ensures that all the critical parameters of your environment are reviewed monthly and any issues that are found are either addressed, or escalated for resolution.  The outcome is the consistent performance and stability of your network, and technological foresight prior to expensive downtime.

CCS Network Admin service offers:

  • Scalable systems administration services to meet your technical and financial requirements
  • Regularly scheduled technical engagements to reduce overall operating expense
  • A structured, proactive approach to network management
  • The right amount of regular onsite network administration your organization needs
  • Regular remote and onsite support

With CCS Network Admin, you can free up your internal IT resources to focus on core application support and other business technology needs.

CCS Network Admin compliments CCS MonitoringCCS Help Desk and  CCS Vital Care to provide a turnkey IT solution.