A Layered Approach to Network Security

CCS Secure is a multi-layered cybersecurity technology defense to help prevent your organization from becoming a target of opportunity.  Without breaking your budget, our comprehensive security solution is specifically designed to protect you from multiple attack vectors and includes:

Multi-layered active defense mechanisms:

  • A next generation firewall (NGFW) featuring Deep Packet Inspection technology provides protection against advanced hacking techniques.
  • Integrated Intrusion Prevention Technology (IPS) recognizes and stops many malicious attacks and helps to stop infected PCs from ‘phoning home’ to hackers.
  • End-point protection software on servers and desktops bolsters defense against malicious activity inside your network by thwarting worms, viruses and other malware.
  • Email filtering blocks most SPAM and malware from reaching your network and users.
  • Automatic updates of IPS and anti-malware signatures keep your protection up to date and effective.
  • Web content filtering can help prevent harmful Web 2.0 attacks and increase employee productivity.

Proactive and passive defense measures:

  • Monthly external vulnerability scans identify potential weaknesses in your network perimeter that could be used in cyberattacks.
  • Desktop and server patching technologies help to keep hackers from exploiting known software vulnerabilities in your infrastructure.
  • Proper configuration of security devices are ensured by leveraging the deep expertise of SE security and network engineers.