Are You Using Cost-Effective Communication?
Communication is key in business, whether it’s with customers or among employees. But if you rely on a traditional telephone network provider for it, you might be paying too much and settling for too little. With most phone services you have to pay the provider, tack on additional long-distance call fees, and bear hefty travel costs if you want to see a client or remote employee face-to-face. But what if we told you there was a better way?

The solution is a streamlined phone service called Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). With VoIP technology, you can make and receive phone calls over your IP data network instead of a traditional phone line. Not only can VoIP eliminate many of your traditional phone service costs—it can also give your business access to more advanced unified communication capabilities like Web and video conferencing. It delivers all of the pros of fast and efficient communication without the pricey cons.

Simplify and Save
With VoIP, you can streamline business management by using only one network to control both voice and data. You can forget about telephone service provider payments and expensive long-distance charges. With Voice over Internet Protocol, you don’t have either. In addition, VoIP allows you to receive voicemails through email or your smartphone, and gain site-to-site extension dialing capabilities to enhance inside and outside communication.

CCS is dedicated to offering the finest IT solutions to businesses. By partnering with multiple VOIP providers, our expert IT professionals can provide your business with next-level Voice over Internet Protocol communication services. Give CCS a call today to learn more about how you can simplify and save.